How To Throw a Rio-tous Olympic Party

My homegirl, Chels, called me with the breaking news. “I’m having a party.” But not just any party… a Rio Olympics opening ceremony watch party! But how do we match the grandness of such event with a tiny apartment party? Here is our plan:



There are grueling trials to qualify for the Olympics, and our party should be no different. Unless you are donned in patriotic gear from your country, or one of your parents homelands, or that great great grandparent that might of stopped over in that island place…gosh what’s its name again? Well, whatever it is, their homeland. You can’t sit with us.


As host, we will provide delicious food from the country we’re reppin, along with a spread from a variety of cultures. Just trying to help the whole world come together in one’s stomach. Ideas include egg drop soup for a great appetizer. Some well-seasoned bbq to pay homage to the authentic, Brazilian delight. German-chocolate cake for…I’m pretty sure you can guess the country. Incorporate the ring colors, the torch, or other Olympic symbols into your presentation. Just make sure no one eats the flags.


Olympics-Sticker-Social-01Family Bites


What’s a sporting event without a little friendly betting or competition. As Michael K. Williams taught me on his new Viceland show (go start watching Black Market now) only if the house takes a rake are they guilty in a court. Take bets like how many athletes each country has representing them. Or play “pass the baton”, it’s similar to hot potato, except the person who has the baton has to go get more food/beverages.

Winners receive a party favor of choice: a party city plastic medal, candy, or a to-go container of all your delicious food.


Not dressing according to the theme will cost you $ and dignity. Not bringing or offering to bring food means you are the last to eat. Slander towards other countries or talking about politics will get you put in timeout (taking the trash out).

Pass The Torch

Keep watching the Olympic games throughout the summer! Let’s be honest, you don’t need a reason to party. But with all the craziness in the world, embrace a reason to come together.


Staci B

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