Very Sneaky

I can’t hide it: I’m a basic sneakerhead. Until I get that Khaled type of success, my shoe collection remains on a budget. But if I could treat myself to some fresh pairs, here’s what I would stretch my toes in.

sneaker room

  • Get a classic white pair, and determine how often you’ll wear them before you splurge too much. I’m not saying you shouldn’t get a $400 pair dirty. I am saying I want your preferred sneaker cleaner.
  • A pair of Lebron James’ shoes. Let’s be real- they may not be the same pair he wore in Game 7 of the NBA Finals. But, he wore different pairs throughout the whole series. It’d be cool to have the same pair. Even if you choose Steph Curry’s shoes instead, they’re both pretty dope.

Lebron James dunk

  • Own at least one high top pair. It’s the equivalent to seeing a lady in high heels- that extra height just adds more character to your ensemble.
  • Ice cream paint job all day. There is nothing wrong with rocking your favorite sweet shade. Whether strawberry red or pistachio green, a confident person can portray the coolest of colors on their feet.


  • Do your research. Find a brand you really like, and rock it. Being exposed to Run DMC got me hip to Adidas for ages. Some people love Kanye, and will ride or die with his shoes until death do they part. Whatever vibes with you- work it.
  • Get a shoe with a sole that is not white. I’m accustomed to the standard, white sole, but I enjoy pairs more that I do not have to clean as often. I feel the same way about my cars. I enjoy my fancy, lil 2-seater I can zip around in, but I ride most often in my Jeep which looks good even caked in mud.

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Staci B

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