Lemme See Ya Grill

Whether you’re celebrating America’s birthday or just feel like throwing up smoke on a weekday afternoon, everyone has grills lit (and vice versa) in the summertime. Barbecue grills are summer’s version of crock pots. Here’s a recipe for a good time.

Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 4.31.17 PM

  • Supply the basics: burger patties, hot dogs, their respective buns, and condiments. Anything more is cool, but have guidelines (i.e. steak for bae, tofu for the girl who hates tofu because she invited herself, ribs slathered in sauce for kids, and watch everyone run away from them, etc.)

  • Tell your guests BYOMB (bring your own meat & bread) for those with sensitive palates. Have mad love for your gluten free homies and the vegans that love them, but understand your budget isn’t ready for all that.
  • Do your research on marinades. It will make or break your griller status.

  • If someone wants their byomb food a certain way, unless they’re your elder, make them do it themselves. This is a backyard, not a steakhouse.


  • Buy a ton of vegetables, cut them into bite-size pieces, and stab them all. Kabobs are a hit no matter what you put on them.

  • Grill some corn on the cob, then add buttery spread and cilantro, or with some citrus juice for a tangy zest. It’ll be the bossiest cob you’ve ever bitten.

  • Prepare killer side dishes that are vegan. Though people may scoff at the idea of no meat or dairy, it is the venn diagram center of picky eaters. Coleslaw, potato salad, and baked beans can be prepared vegan, and not alarm any carnivore’s taste buds.


  • For dessert, grill some pineapple slices or peach halves, then a la mode them with some vanilla ice cream.
  • Make some biscuits or sweet bread for strawberry shortcake. For those of us that don’t like strawberries (don’t judge me), have other fruits available such as cherries or an assortment of berries.

  • Have plenty of beverages. Use extra berries to go in sparkling drinks or water. You can still be fancy when drinking from a red, plastic cup.
  • Nobody plans to burn their food on the grill, but when it happens, always have a backup plan. Keep the drinks flowing and play games to distract them from the fireball you’ve extinguished with your main course on it.

  • If there are no edible survivors, it’s ok. Pizza and Chinese food delivery are always acceptable for any gathering and you’ll have a great story to tell. If anyone disagrees, don’t feed them.


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Staci B

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