Your Last Minute Father’s Day Gift Guide

It’s Friday afternoon. You’re probably starting to wrap things up, make weekend plans, and…wait, what’s that? Sunday is Father’s Day? Already? *looks down at calendar* Wait a minute, it’s already June?! Yes, the year has been flying by, but that doesn’t mean you can forget about your dear old Dad. Even though you probably missed the window for online shopping, there are still a handful of ideas to show pops he’s #1.

Tickets to a ballgame 

Oriole Park at Camden yards01

It’s a proven fact that all Dads love sports. Perfect world you live in a city where your baseball team is underperforming, say Atlanta, San Diego, or Cincinnati, and you can easily just show up the day of a game this weekend to grab some $20 tickets. Even if baseball is painfully boring, your old man will appreciate the company as he guzzles down hot dogs and yells at the ump.



A good shave


Maybe your Dad is an electric razor man, trying to maintain a five-o-clock shadow that would put George Michaels to shame. Or maybe he’s a Gillette fusion type of guy, approaching each shave like a sculptor. Regardless of either path, there’s a way to “disrupt” your Dad’s shave game. We suggest Harry’s, a cool new shaving subscription service. Start with their Father’s Day Kit to give him a taste of the good life.



An adult beverage


Dads work hard at being Dads. This means they all deserve a little time to unwind and what better way to help Dad unwind than with a nice glass of an adult beverage. Go find a nice bottle of whatever is your dad’s taste, just make sure it’s something he normally wouldn’t get himself. My picks though would be Blanton’s for Bourbon or a 12-year-old Macallan for the Scotch lover.



A get out of jail free card


Maybe he forgot to do some yard work or run to the grocery store. Whatever the case may be, we all deserve a free pass and Dads are no different. Get creative this one, but we always like going with the absurdly large when it comes to gifts like these. Think of those giant goofy checks at charity events, then think of Monopoly, and now you’re on to something.

Have any other great last-minute Father’s day ideas? Send them to us on Instagram or Twitter this weekend!

Jamie Delancey

Sharing the goodness of the internets w/ you all

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