Sephora to Seduce On Snapchat, Next: the Moon

We can’t just pass a Sephora as we walk down the street or turn the other way as we walk by its gleaming doors at the mall. A chorus of a thousand singing makeup brushes and hundreds of clinking glass perfume bottles beckons us. It’s a siren call that cannot be denied.

Inevitably, we are drawn into Sephora’s iridescent embrace.


Now it looks like we won’t be able to hide from Sephora’s charms even when we’re in the safety of our own beds: You can now shop Sephora on Snapchat. Yes, Sephora is one of the first premier retailers to dip its toe into merchandised snaps.

In the same way that LikeToKnowIt lets us shop Instagram, PopSugar’s ShopStyle platform, along with the Emoticode ecommerce app, lets you upload screenshots of snaps that lead you directly to products you can buy.

It may sound a bit clunky, but the sheer novelty of it will make it worth a try. Impulse buys, here we come!


What do you guys think? Can Snapchat turn into a fun place to shop, or should Sephora stick to what Snapchat’s good at? Tweet us at @Tagly_App or give us a follow on Insta and let us know!

Liah Luther

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