It’s Not Delivery, It’s Your Own Personal Backyard Pizza Oven

It’s a late summer afternoon in July – the heat is starting to drop off as the sky begins fading to orange-ish hues. The daytime drinks with friends are slowing down as the need for substance begins to make itself apparent. Delivery debates begin. You like that place? Maybe this place. DEFINITELY NOT THAT. It’s your standard group dinner dilemma. 

But what if you could satisfy everyone’s pizza palates, from the meat lover to miss Margherita? The solution? Meet your very own backyard pizza oven.

NYEBbDNczR_uuni_2s_pizza_oven_w_cover_9_original (1)

The Uuni 2s wood-fired pizza oven is like an adult easy-bake oven for the Bobby Flay faithful. We first came across this portable pizza prince when reading Huckberry on our app. Needless to say, we were intrigued. The portable Uuni is perfect for the backyard, beach, or weekly softball game afterparty. It may cost $299, but can you really put a price on a portable pie maker? We think not.


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Jamie Delancey

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