Mid-Week Unwind Time

The mid-point of the work week always feels a bit disorienting – like it’s come too early or too late. Is it a Tuesday kind of Wednesday, fresh faced and grateful it’s not Monday? Or is it more a Thursday type, a little worn but finding solace in the Friday on the horizon?

Whether this week has flown by or lumbered along like a drunken elephant, you deserve a little relaxation time. That’s why we at Tagly have declared Wednesday the night to treat yo-self. Here are 3 suggestions to get you well on your way:

3 Ways to Unwind in the Middle of the Week

bend goods
Mid-century modern wire chairs look good anywhere. See this Bend Goods one here.

1. Find or drag a chair outside. Sit and listen to the symphony of living noises. Watch the clouds passing overhead. Reconnect with the three dimensional world.

(Sidenote: communing with nature doesn’t mean you HAVE to pet the goats, but doing so will get you closer to a transcendent state.)

Cozy couches brought to you by Article.

2. Snuggle up on the couch with a two or four-legged comrade. As tempting as it is to launch into a marathon viewing of all the movies Lorelei and Rory watched while you watched them, tonight is NOT ABOUT THAT.

Talk to a pet or human and see the look in their eyes as they respond. A little living connection – verbal or otherwise – is an important ingredient in this relaxation recipe.

antica farmacista.jpg
Check out Antica Farmacista for soothing aromas.

3. Fragrance rehab offers the finishing touch on this journey to soothe your senses. Light a candle and watch the smoke dance through beams of light.

Let the thoughts of upcoming deadlines float away and maybe tonight you won’t dream about your boss poisoning you while your dog watches.

Follow all of these brands on Tagly for even more relaxation staples. Have other indulgent suggestions? Tweet them to us at @Tagly_App

Liah Luther

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