Motivation Monday: An Alternative to The Fitness Routine of a VS Model

Did you guys see this breakdown of Victoria’s Secret model Jasmine Tookes’ workouts? Jasmine works out 3 days a week, for about an hour and a half each time.

  1. On the first day, at barre class, she tones her muscles.
  2. On the second day, at the gym, she works on her lower body with squats. Lots and lots of squats.
  3. On the third day, at the gym, she works her core. Planks galore.

Three days a week for a total of 5 hours isn’t so bad. In fact, as far as workout features go, this one seems super reasonable. I mean, I just finished ‘being inspired’ by a routine advocating two-a-day workouts with bloodlettings in between! If I thought THAT was worth considering, then this Jasmine routine is an easy yes!

But don’t you sometimes wish there were a way around spending concentrated blocks of time in spaces devoted to woooorking out? Sometimes doesn’t being around other people’s sweat make you feel like taking a month-long rest?

In short: isn’t there a way to work out without committing to ‘working out’?

There’s GOTTA be. So here I am, being so bold as to offer up 3 ideas. Follow my advice at your own risk.

Liah’s 3 Motivation Monday Workout Life Hacks That Have Absolutely No Research Behind Them

  1. Keep your cell phone charging across the room as you sleep. When the alarm startles you to wakefulness in the morning, make exercise fun by using only the strength of your arms to drag yourself across the room to turn it off. Snooze it (as if you’d do anything else), drag yourself back, and then repeat. This is v good for muscle toning.beautiful-woman-enjoying-morning-relax-in-bed-picjumbo-com

    Note: I recommend wearing a full-body base layer to avoid harmful rug burn.

  2. Rush to work, since you’re inevitably running late, and take the elevator. After you’ve been seen by at least one coworker, realize you’ve left your laptop in the car. Take the stairs down and up, down and up again, until you’ve run at least 6 flights’ worth. This will improve your lower body strength. Studies show that the glow produced by a 6-flight jog increases your chances of promotion, as it subtly implies an ever-upward mentality.stairs-863348_1920

    Note: There are no such studies.

  3. When you get home after a long day at work, after you’ve finished making yourself a healthy, tasty, delightful dinner, engage in an imaginative meditation. Close your eyes. Inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth. Then, pretend the floor is lava, survivable only if you rest your weight ONLY on the palms of your hands and the toes of your feet. Finding yourself in a plank or downward dog position, scamper across the floor to indulge your inner child. Keep the game going for at least 5 minutes. This exercise is beneficial both to your core and your core being.tumblr_nnmqtgZFzv1qfirfao1_1280

    Note: Be mindful and stay in the present. There is no spiritual need to remember the last time you vacuumed.

Have more/better fitness routines? We’re all ears. Tweet us at @tagly_app

Liah Luther

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