ICYMI: Beyoncé’s Makeup Artist Spills the Secret to Flawless Skin

Just in case you missed it a week ago – what got in the way?? – here’s some news about how to keep your face skin fresh and tight. In other words, the answer to the ever-lurking question: “What do women want?”

In this video, celebrity makeup artist extraordinaire Sir John demonstrates how to give yourself a premium facial massage. Wish you could mold your face into that perfect, Beyonce shape? This video is not for that. The video does offer a nice lesson in the art of self-soothing, once you learn that you may never be able to actually take on the form of the Queen herself.

Get a peek into the world of celebrity maquillage…

Sidenote: If you need a reminder of what your face does not – and will not – look like, we highly recommend you watch Lemonade (in the ultimate, fringe case ICYMI). It’s moving. And Beyoncé’s face in it, as always, looks fresh and tight.

Liah Luther

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