Back to the 90s: How to Commit to the Choker for Under $20

The nineties called…They want you to rock chokers again. And everyone is listening. Like EVERYONE. Fashion bloggers, celebs, maybe even your mom. I mean, if you think about it, chokers are great. They are delicate, yet bold and have very much of a “I’m one cool mf’er” vibe about them. You put on a choker and you could’ve been a rockstar in a prior life. The best thing about them? You can pretttttty much rock them with anything. Our favorite way? V-neck tee all day!

These babies are not only coming in hot, but in all shapes, sizes and fabrics. We’ve outlined 4 chokers we love under $20. So stop wondering if you have the right bone structure or if it’s going to emphasize your semi-visible double chin (because they actually elongate your neck!) and get on board!

Leanna Collar Necklace – ON SALE $12


Top Shop Thin Black Choker – $15


ASOS 90’s Tattoo Choker – $6.50


Forever 21 Cutout Choker – $8.90

Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 1.45.11 PM


Follow all of these brands on Tagly for even more accessory ideas. Have other chokers you love? Add them in the comments or tweet them to us at@Tagly_App


Liah Luther

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