Breathe Easier: Plants for Decoration & Detoxification

Apartment living can be amazing. Less vacuuming. No lawn mowing. Shorter walk from the bed to the kitchen and back to Netflix. One thing I’ve always overlooked in my quest for a cool, calming, and comfortable space, though, is the need for some plant life. I forgot how nice it is to have some outdoors brought inside – to see a pop of fresh green liven up a side table or hear leaves fluttering in the air conditioning.

So once I learned that some plants offer visual interest AND air purification, I was done. I’ve embraced the power of the houseplant. Bring on the watering cans.

To help spread the houseplant gospel, here are 3 plants known for improving indoor air quality AND for being pretty hard to kill.

  1. Spider Plant
    Super easy to grow. Even easier to love the way it removes formaldehyde and xylene in your air.

  2. Ficus / Weeping Fig
    Say goodbye to all the benzene, formaldehyde, and trichloroethylenein floating in and out of your lungs. The ficus grows between 2 to 10 feet tall – a visual trick that makes your ceilings look positively palatial.

  3. Aloe Vera
    Beautiful inside and out, the aloe plant contains a clear liquid known for its healing properties. Wouldn’t it be nice to have some fresh aloe on hand the next time you have a sunburn or a papercut? Bonus points: it removes airborne formaldehyde.


Once you’ve got the plant picked out, it’s always important to pick out the right planter. Here are a few to consider:

  1. The Summer Planter Set from Heath Ceramics
    Heath Ceramics is known for its thoughtful, carefully crafted products, and this planter set is no exception. This good looking trio is great for getting things growing on your windowsill, patio, desk, or kitchen counter.
  2. Case Study® Ceramic Cylinder With Wood Stand by Modernica
    Add this versatile, clean-lined planter to your Modernica wishlist. Bold in its simplicity, the planter does well indoors and out.
  3. Carved Orbs by A Question of Eagles
    A Question of Eagles is an LA-based brand that creates handmade home goods inspired by nature. Each of these orbs is hand carved and perfect for plants or candles.


Follow all of these brands on Tagly for even more decor ideas. Have other houseplants you love? Add them in the comments or tweet them to us at @Tagly_App


Liah Luther

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