Want the coolest desk at work? This is what you need to buy.

Think about this, you spend roughly 40 to 50 hours a week at work. If we take out meetings, runs to the coffee machine, and gossiping at lunch – that’s around 20 hours at your desk. That’s almost a full day sitting in front of your computer contemplating your life worth. Not to be all doom and gloom, but it’s a harsh reality for some. All hope is not lost. There are solutions and ways to inject beauty and joy into the everyday workplace. No, I don’t mean installing one of those artificial sunlight devices. Whether it’s a framed picture of Spring Break 2006, a coveted action figure, or a small succulent, these little details matter. They help us break up the monotony and show off a little bit of our personality along the way. Whether you’re the newest associate or a long-standing veteran, there’s always room to upgrade your desk setup. Here are a few of our favorites we suggest you check out.

Modernica’s Fiberglass Shell Chair

via Modernica Facebook Page
via Modernica Facebook Page

You’re probably reading this sitting in one of those bland, black, $300 office chairs. Why settle? If Suzy in accounting can bring in an inflatible exercise ball to stabilize her core, you should be able to bring in an amazing looking chair for inspiration purposes.


Avandi’s Candlestix


This up-and-coming design shop out of Brooklyn is crafting unique pieces for both your home and office. These candlesticks have loads of minimalist personality without being over the top like Brian’s bobblehead collection. You are an adult after all.


Joinery Trays

Via Joinerynyc.com
Via Joinerynyc.com

Business cards, car keys, iPhone, notebook, and this morning’s Chobani are all probably spread across your desk in some scattered fashion. The solution is a stylized tray to keep your shit in one centralized location (minus the yogurt hopefully). Not only will your desk look more organized, but with a piece from the Joinery you can flex your design knowledge.


S’well Water Bottle

Via s'well Facebook page
Via s’well Facebook page

Like having a Five-Star trapper keeper in middle school, the S’well has become a status symbol more than an actual functional device. What’s nice is that the S’well is actually very good and doesn’t get destroyed or overstuffed with homework.

Orée Pebble


Perhaps the most unnecessary of all the items on this list, the Pebble is a wireless iPhone charger which also boasts a bluetooth speaker for taking calls or blasting Selena Gomez at your next Friday happy hour.

Follow all of these brands on Tagly for even more office goodies. Have other office accessories you love? Tweet them to us at @Tagly_App



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