Best 5 Brands to Follow This Summer

This time, we want summer to be more than just a fling. We want to take summer for an afternoon at the farmer’s market and spend the weekend away together. From barefooted grill-outs to rooftop fetes, we want to make a real commitment to sunny days. And never EVER say goodbye.

As we make the transition from the harsh goddamned winter, we’re loving sweet reminders of sand and surf to get us through the day. That’s why these 5 brands are worth a follow on Tagly – they make us feel like our laptop’s blue light could pass for sunshine.

HOLD UP, summer, these brands might love you like we love you.

1. Take a dive into the cool, American surf with Kore Swim.

Designed for cool, active babes around the globe, Kore Swim is made with purpose in America. Go forth and #worshipyourkore

kore swim 1 kore swim 3kore swim 2

2. Let the sand slip between your toes without leaving your desk, courtesy of TKEES.

Your destination for women’s and kids’ simple and elegant sandals.

tkees 3 TKEES 2 tkees 1

3. Follow Salient Label and you can almost feel the breeze fluttering through your crisp, white, off the shoulder top.

Simple in design and minimal in hues, Salient Label womenswear is understated. Versatile clothing that’s affordable yet contemporary.

salient 5 salient 2 salient 1

4. Travel the world through badass sunnies, brought to you by Illesteva.

Glasses handmade in Italy.

illesteva 5 illesteva 3 illesteva 2

5. Get a breath of fresh air by following the breezy, feminine Collective Request, by way of Puerto Rico.

Clothing and accessories for elegant and young or young-hearted women. A boutique in Old San Juan offering a mix of young designers, carefully selected from around the world.

cr 3 cr 2 cr 1

So what’s the easiest way to bask in these summery vibes? You guessed it… Give Tagly a go.



Liah Luther

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