#TaglyTips: 5 ways to keep those white summer sneakers clean

Summer is coming. This means copious amounts of sunshine, shorts, and refreshing beverages in an outdoor setting. And what will you be rocking on your feet for all of these dartys? Hopefully not some pair of dark, heavy, high-top monstrosities. You have to keep your summer shoes like an old Disney movie or a Scarface movie: with that pure white.

But it’s a dangerous world out there. Rain. Grass. Little Kids. Drinks. Dogs. Boats. Bar Nachos. Drunk People. Late Night Pizza Places. All of these are landmines in the field of summer activities. If you should happen to encounter one of these issues, don’t worry there’s a solution or five. Pop open your Amazon cart and in the words of the queen, let me upgrade you.

  1. Jason Markk Shoe Cleaner — The go-to of sneaker cleaners, Markk’s secret potion smells like popsicles and makes your shoes look fresh as them. 2 scrub cycles with these and your pearly whites will be ready to go.
  2. Mr Clean Magic Sponge — The Tide eraser pen of the white sneaker game, you could make an argument for always having one of these on your person. Good for getting rid of a quick scuff, Mr. Clean is always your homeboy. 
  3. Reshoevn8er w/ Washing Machine — I haven’t messed with this yet because it kind of feels like the crystal meth equivalent of sneaker cleaning. I don’t need cleanin my sneakers to feel like a Full Metal Jacket scene. However, drastic times call for drastic measures and that is exactly what the Reshoevn8er is, drastic af. 
  4. White Nail Polish — Remember when you woke up with that big ass zit on your forehead the day of prom? Cover up and Bacardi O were your bffs that night. The same logic applies to your shoes. White nail polish is a go to cover up for really bad stains, but maybe hold off on the Bacardi O now that you’re older. 
  5. A toothbrush & small amounts of Oxy Clean — Just like a good ping pong table or funnel, the toothbrush is a great tool that goes beyond its intended use. Good for scrubbing out dirt, stains, and scuffs in the hard to get places, combined with a small (REPEAT – V SMALL) amount of Oxy and you can save any pair of whites from a tragic early trash can.

Any other tips for cleaning white sneakers? Hit us up on Twitter with your recs – @TaglyApp

Jamie Delancey

Sharing the goodness of the internets w/ you all

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